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Our concept of ‘Managing Consciousness’ (BM Bewusst(sein) Managen)

presents a new way for modern occupational health and safety, which can initiate a permanent cultural change towards an open, frank, and constructive way of dealing with weak points. It presents a Psychological Approach towards Occupational Health and Safety.

Based on the health and safety culture in companies and taking into account the basic principles of human behaviour, we support our clients in finding ways to motivate people towards a safe behavior and in increasing safety awareness in a sustainable manner.

You can choose ‘Managing Consciousness’ as a complete program or you have the possibility to try only some particular part. We can develop creative solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.

The steps of the ‘Managing Consciousness’ process are as follows:

1. BM-Analysis

The level of safety awareness in the company is measured.

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2. The Strategy for Increasing Safety Awareness

The use of the BM-Analysis results can help to plan the proper strategy and define the safety goals.

3. The Implementation of Behaviour-Oriented Safety Instruments

Our instruments (implemented through trainings, seminars, coaching sessions) present a new quality as compared to existent solutions, because, unlike others, they are completely behaviour-oriented.

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4. Consulting for the Management on how to create the ‘Organization of Responsibility’

It is frequently hard for leaders to demand perfectly safe comportment in a behaviour-oriented way.

5. The Steering Committee

Changes in behaviour are not possible without quality controls.

6. Training BM-Managers for the company

They will be able to continue, steer, and support the ‘Managing Consciousness’ process in the company’s everyday life.

7. BM-Re-Analysis & BM-Coefficient

Benchmarking and the evaluation of soft and hard factors.

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